Wednesday, May 8, 2013

why we need friends

At work, I am a square peg.  I don't quite fit in.  I'm too loud, too fun, too -- everything.  I ultimately think that these qualities have a good impact on the work place.
Sometimes I feel a bit "picked on" because my foibles stand out a bit more than those of the next 10 people.
today, I was pulled aside and told to clean my desk "before somebody says something."
Um, but you just said something...
So I complained to my friend K.
Me:   They told me to clean my desk AGAIN!
K:      again?

Me:   And I look down the aisles at some of the desks here and think REALLY?  I need to clean my desk?!   Why is the standard different for me?  Like I used to get picked on for things I wore and now there's that one girl and she dresses so unprofessional.  Does anybody say anything to her?

K:     That I don't know.

Me:   Oh no, K! I've become one of THEM!!!



They've gotten under my skin and I'm becoming...
K:    Come on... don't be a douche canoe*
(insert very loud 1 note laughter as I catch myself from being "inappropriate" at work)
Me:  did you hear that?
I totally LOL'd
K:  thought so
B:  now I'm crying!
oh man!
I applaud your perfection!
K:  I try, sometimes I'm on.
Me:  OK, all that stress -- gone!
K:  YAY!
K:   wait til the day they come to you and say you don't look busy enough because there's nothing on your desk
*you're welcome!


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