Thursday, May 23, 2013

where's the webcam? are you watching me??

The conversation on the attached link is disturbingly familiar to my daily attempts to focus on real work.

Except I don't usually have conversations with weasels.  Possibly because I don't own one (live or stuffed).  I do have a little stuffed moose creatively names "Moosey" by my kids and I.  He has been with us for many many years and gets lost for long periods of time and then we find him again and everybody cheers.  We love a good reunion.

If left to my own devices, I will often "come to" and see that I have 25 or more different windows open and have no idea what time it is.  Of course, I don't necessarily think this is a bad thing. :)

Last night I was home with only my son, who was busy playing video games on Xbox Live and making up super annoying voices for some of the characters in the game.  My cats were hiding upstairs because it was so bad.  I sat down with my computer and "poof" 2 hours were gone.  I didn't even turn on the TV which I normally do.  I just went into the Interwebs Land!

things I cannot unknow:  I feel ill.  Seriously... pause and think before clicking, this is about ways to torture people.  (from the Weasel's list of unusual ways to die)
I need to find pictures of bunnies with pancakes on their head now.

Oh no... you can die from this???
1410: Martin of Aragon died from a combination of indigestion and
uncontrollable laughing.[23]
Quick, I think I need a doctor!

Going back and reading the comments I'm realizing I am so not alone!!  Half the things people posted I also thought!  Love it!!


Wednesday, May 22, 2013

brilliant by day, dud otherwise

Seriously, during my (real) work day I am brilliant.
I have so many ideas I don't have the opportunity to write about because I think the people that give me that paycheck every week might object to my writing a blog post.

I need a way to capture these ideas without taking lots of time away.
Anybody know of a magic memory idea or device?  Some chip I can slip behind my ear that will grab these thoughts and ideas so that I don't keep losing them?


Sunday, May 19, 2013

1 year ago

Post from last march (on another blog I started and didn't keep up with)

This is the first day of the rest of my life.
OK, every day really is the first day.
Today I am taking a step forward in my faith and in my life.
This past retreat weekend I made some changes.

I realized I stepped away from God for a while.
I've been very discouraged.

Trying to make my marriage and my family work.
Trying to have a marriage that isn't in separate rooms all the time.  Where my husband doesn't want to hide in his man cave but be a part of what's going on. 

Trying to be the person I see inside of me but never seem to produce.

So Lord, here we go.  I can see that while I trust in you, I've still been trying awfully hard to do all this in my own strength.  It needs to be Your strength because I think it's pretty obvious, I haven't done so well.

I had a very difficult 2012.  I had a major crisis of faith that is still playing out a bit, but I've mostly decided that not believing in / following God is a life I am not particularly interested in living.  Though my faith isn't so strong as it was and I do miss that.

Friday, May 17, 2013


The scandals currently rocking our government create outrage in me.
Honestly, Bill Clinton is looking pretty good.  In fact, when I saw this image...

I laughed!

To say that this was not politically motivated -- seriously, how stupid do people think we are?  Or perhaps it isn't stupidity they count on but apathy.  We are so bombarded by information, work, responsibility, opportunity, and entertainment options!  It can be difficult to choose how to spend our time.

I know I struggle with this.  I am a volunteer at heart.  I love to be involved.  To influence, to plan, to help, to organize, to research even.  But all that needs to be balanced with my roll as wife, mother and employee.  Because all the other opportunities available to me are not viable without the other rolls having stability (or at least some semblance of stability).

Our government has made a wrong turn.  I am a small government person.  I think that we as humanity work far better when we are responsible for ourselves and when someone within our society is in need -- the community around them are the ones to come to their aid.  When we take the embarrassment of welfare and such handouts away, we create the opportunity for people to take advantage of the system because it no longer has any accountability to those offering the charity.  I truly believe that the welfare system has a huge role in damaging our culture and our country. 

Note, I am not saying that some kind of welfare system is not needed!  I'm not saying that we should shame people who are unable to work or have "good" reasons for needing help. I believe when we took that responsibility out of the church and the immediate community that individuals live in we created corruption. 

I hate the Nanny state we are creating and wish we could scratch the system that has been empowered and start over.  We could start by removing EVERY SINGLE SPECIAL ENTITLEMENT PROGRAM enjoyed by ANYONE in ANY position of Government.  All of Congress should be on the same health care as the average person.  There should be term limits and nobody should be allowed to make a career out of politics.  It should be a servants role not an elitists role!  I hate the elitism in our government!  they now only listen to people who have money or can further their own careers because we have allowed a system that fosters and I believe encourages that behavior.  We as a people don't hold our representatives accountable. 

How do we fix this?  I'm not even sure we can, but how do we sit back and let one of the greatest countries ever just slip further and further into a pit of selfishness and greed?  How do we not fight for what is right? 

Can't we please care!  Can we give up 1 TV show a week and spend that time being active in our community and being aware of what's going on around us?  Trying to do something to stop this slide?

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Be strong and courageous.

today's prayer:
(OK, it's yesterday's prayer but I missed yesterday so I'm doing this one)

Deuteronomy 30:1
"Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the LORD your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you.”

Pray this verse in your own life. Where is God asking you to go? Be strong and courageous.

What I hear/see:

Make good eating choices.
Resist temptation to eat the wrong things or to not be active.
Not allow myself to get distracted and thus waste my time but allow my time to be used wisely. 
Do something constructive daily on my home -- even when I don't feel like it.

Believe that with God's help, things can and will change. 
Not give up or allow discouragement to gain a foothold. 
Trust that God will redeem my marriage and home.

I want to start DREAMING and following and praying about those dreams.  I don't think I realized I wasn't dreaming before.  I'm still not "feeling" it like I used to.  I used to be super emotional about things and this time I'm not.  Interesting.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

celebrating weight loss -- with ice cream

So I joined Weight Watchers again.
I don't really like counting points, but the general idea of weighing in weekly does impact my food choices.

however, stubborn as ever... I weighed in yesterday and learned that I lost .7 lbs (hey... it was a loss so I'm happy.)

I celebrated with chips and hot cheese dip for lunch.
Which sat in my stomach all day and generally made me not feel so great.

Then when I got home, I had ice cream for dinner.  Though in fairness, that's all I had.

Do I know how to celebrate weight loss or what!!!

Perhaps I need to buy a home scale and start weighing daily?  hmmmm

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Signs of wisdom..... if you look deep enough

From an email...
Thanks K

I love stuff like this.  Especially when there is no threat of some level of impending personal doom if I don't share it with 10 people.  (For the record, I automatically delete those.)

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

why we need friends

At work, I am a square peg.  I don't quite fit in.  I'm too loud, too fun, too -- everything.  I ultimately think that these qualities have a good impact on the work place.
Sometimes I feel a bit "picked on" because my foibles stand out a bit more than those of the next 10 people.
today, I was pulled aside and told to clean my desk "before somebody says something."
Um, but you just said something...
So I complained to my friend K.
Me:   They told me to clean my desk AGAIN!
K:      again?

Me:   And I look down the aisles at some of the desks here and think REALLY?  I need to clean my desk?!   Why is the standard different for me?  Like I used to get picked on for things I wore and now there's that one girl and she dresses so unprofessional.  Does anybody say anything to her?

K:     That I don't know.

Me:   Oh no, K! I've become one of THEM!!!



They've gotten under my skin and I'm becoming...
K:    Come on... don't be a douche canoe*
(insert very loud 1 note laughter as I catch myself from being "inappropriate" at work)
Me:  did you hear that?
I totally LOL'd
K:  thought so
B:  now I'm crying!
oh man!
I applaud your perfection!
K:  I try, sometimes I'm on.
Me:  OK, all that stress -- gone!
K:  YAY!
K:   wait til the day they come to you and say you don't look busy enough because there's nothing on your desk
*you're welcome!