Wednesday, August 28, 2013

everybody needs a Mom...including Miley

Granted, some more than others.
I have a code with some of my friends and our teen girls... "don't do crack" or "DDC" but we aren't talking about the drug kind.  We mean the fashion I wanna be a plummer when I grow up kind.  It's a nice way to say something in public to get the point across without causing too much embarrassment.

So, seeing the posts about Miley I will share what I heard on the radio (Dennis Miller thank you) on the subject.  He said that the closest we get to a Normal Rockwell image in this entertainment saturated world is this...
A family taking in a concert together and they are sharing the same experience.

Appropriate reactions to what they've seen bring a smile to my heart.

So, what else is out there worth reading about Miley The Sexual Adult?

Here is a particular favorite:

I'm sure there are more!  This girl just needs to and realize all this isn't what is necessary to get to where she's going.  There are much better paths.

My heart is sad for her.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

miss my son

My son is 15 years old and acting every moment of those 15 years on a daily basis.
 He is A T T I T U D E in spades and it's been quite a difficult summer for me.

He just left to go to England.  He flew alone and his grandparents met him on the other end.
I came home early to pick him up and he was not happy.  He was angry and more than anything stressed.  OK, I can appreciate that, but still I'm tired of his mouth.  Having to decide between keeping the lines of communication open and holding the line on the respect I need and desire as his mother.  We finally make it into the care and his stress level increases.  We left the house later than he would have liked (mind you we have a maybe 2 hour drive in bad circumstances ahead of us, but the rest is 10 mins of check in, security clearance and then just waiting around for 2-3 hours with your head leaning on a wall because there's too many people and not enough seats.  joy.

And we want to eat because everyone knows you can't bring food through security.
Eating outside of the airport didn't happen.  We found ourselves there and parking then realized food was initially on the agenda.  UG... I realize I will now have to sign over a kidney as a down payment on 3 day old sandwiches and a drink for the 3 of us.  $25 later with 1 sandwich, 1 drink, 1 pack of crisps and 1 muffin...I find a chair to recover from what I've just spend on "food" for my son.  I have chosen not to partake at this point hopeful that I can wait a little while and then leave him to sort it out.

What's that?  On overhead announcement.  Something about a delay with maintenance and they will give us another update at 7:50 - when the flight was initially scheduled to take off.
Long story short... They start boarding at 7:10 and nobody is listening to anything the gate agents are saying about how to line up and who can line up first etc.  They are all but rushing these few people.   I was actually surprised there was so little respect for those in control of the situation. 

Alex got on OK and I appropriately embarrassed him with photos.  I then asked the gate agent if this flight would actually take off tonight or was there a possibility it would not and how long would I have to wait to find out? I live an hour away and if I'm going to have to come back up, I'd like to know.
His suggestion was to ensure the flight had physically take off.  OK... 20 mins later we had our confirmation and I could make the journey home.

Start next day.  I don't know what's wrong with me.  I am so teary eyed.  I feel like any minute I am going to start crying.  Not the most professional behavior so I tried to keep it in check; which kind of exhausted me,  today, I am a bit weepy and now I've added cranky.

I guess I just miss my son!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013


I hate traffic.  I used to be kind of chill about it but as my life continues to fill up, I find my patience is wearing thin.  So thin that the idea of picking up and moving to Texas (or some other state where I imagine life is more perfect, a bit slower and ... I guess different) anyway, the idea of picking up and moving someplace with less people becomes very attractive.  I never used to think about this and now I find I'm thinking about it daily.  BUT (of course that was coming) I think I would be the one pushing that decision and I'm not sure I could handle that much on my shoulders -- especially with both my hubby and I working and with the difficult couple of years we've had.  It just doesn't make sense.  That's what makes dreams nice... I'm not committed to it, but knowing that option exists helps.

OMG, my kids are watching Hannah Montana!  They have been so over Miley for years, I'm surprised.  We did love that show!  She was so cute.  It makes me sad that she feels such a need to prove to the world that she's all grown up now and likes to smoke pot and hangs with Snoop Dog (do I even have that rapper right?).  I wish she could have hung in there.  It makes me realize how important it is that we not hang our ideals on people but only on God. 

I have been very anxious all day and I sincerely hate anxiety.  I think I may hate it more than depression, but then, I'm probably better at fighting off depression.  Anxiety is harder for me.  It makes me feel so defeated and I want to run away from myself and distract myself and hide.  What I should do is go "workout" (I say workout like it's a part of my vocabulary, but I assure you it's not.)

OK, I just pinned a bunch of stuff about exercise.  Now I actually feel slightly motivated to do it BUT (yep there's that word again) I would have to get dressed again and put a bra back on.  So when I reason that out a bit I think; seriously... how long does that actually take?  60 seconds?  Maybe 2 minutes?  Am I willing to admit that 2 mins of dressing is the only thing stopping me from a healthier me who feels better and might deal with the anxiety I say I hate so much.


Monday, August 12, 2013

puppies are exhausting

We have two new puppies. 
I have now confirmed that I am a cat person.

Don't get me wrong, they are cute and I'm sure once they have all their shots and can be better trained with the whole pee thing it will be much easier.

But man they are needy.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

fighting the good fight

Depression sucks.
That could be my whole post. Ha
Man, I hit a wall last night and it may have fallen on me because I was completely useless today.  I've been listening to some really good teaching on how God loves us and wants all these good things for us (vs. the typical God is angry with you because you screwed up...again, though I find that most of today's churches actually have a pretty good spin on that so you don't necessarily realize you are feeling condemned).  I was angry and sad and angry and did I mention sad?  I hid in my room all day and grouched at my kids and then realized that this is super self destructive and I have to snap out of it because I do have a job and need to go to work tomorrow. 
Work is usually a good place to be because they keep me busy.
However, the next two months will be a series of events focused on cleaning the office and throwing things away and while I can intellectually appreciate how good that process is, I feel condemned by it and it makes me angry and... frustrated and generally puts me in a bad mood.  So I have to work extra hard to keep myself behaving appropriately.  They generally don't care for people being grouchy.  Especially not me because I'm generally not.

OK, this was a useless post.  I'm going to go back to watching TV now.  Thanks for listening.
Say goodnight Gracie.

Goodnight Gracie.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

bra rant

warning... any men reading this will want to skip this week.

OMG!  There is a spider right next to me!!!!!
OK, now it is outside.  Disaster averted.  Whew.  I didn't even scream!  I'm so proud of myself.

I have been blessed/cursed with a formidable breast size.  I don't know why the makers of such things are so convinced that the only thing I want to wear is black, white, or nude colored bra's.

I go to stores like Lane Bryant and shop their bra's which, I will admit, I've had better success with than other places.  Do you know what bra's I own?  White, nude (I think they try to dress up the color by calling it "sugar"), black.

I recent found the most comfortable bra ever and for someone with a large chest this is on par with a miracle.  Most of the time by lunch I have to start talking myself out of whipping my bra off because it's just not socially acceptable.  They become so uncomfortable (bras that is).  I don't always even make it home before the sigh of relief known by every woman in America escapes from me the moment that bra is off! 

Then I found these Cushion Comfort Bra's and I am barely aware of wearing them!  Some genius added padding all around the under wire so they are way more comfortable and I don't hurt at the end of the day.  This is now the only bra I will wear.  They seem to offer colors, but they don't offer many and they sell out so quickly it's obvious they need to have more inventory on them.  The distributors probably make 5 in my size and they sell out before I even know they are there.  Plus, since they only offer a few in my size, they are never on sale which means I'm stuck paying a boat load of money for all my bras.  I'm a bargain shopper, this irks me.

At the end of the day, I suppose it doesn't "matter" what color bra I'm wearing.  Nobody but me really knows it's there.  But still! 

So my other rant is concerning my daughter.  WHY IS EVERY BRA OUT THERE A PUSH UP BRA?  I mean really?!!  Have we become such a ridiculous culture that even C or D cups are push up now?  and I don't mean lined or support I mean like "hey girls we can increase you by 2 cup sizes with this little baby, come on over and let's crank that chest up to porn star status in a jiffy."  (Do porn stars wear bras?  I guess for a minute they do.  hmmm, you know what I mean.) 

My daughter just wants a pretty bra that doesn't add to what she already has.  Support, coverage, something pretty.  Not a huge list of things needed for an undergarment.  Perhaps the makers of these bras are all overachievers and they can't stop adding features until there is nothing else they can really add.  Maybe the creators of bras actually need a support group to work on their self esteem so they can stop adding more and more and more.  Because sometimes, less is enough.

Maybe I should become a bra designer and then I will realize that the capitalism behind everything makes pleasing everyone a fiscal impossibility.

Any suggestions?
What is your bra rant?

My life, am I actually going to say more isn't more?  I don't think that's ever come out of my mouth before.  Not seriously anyway.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

I'm officially cool

Because I now know:
how to spell shawty (vs. shorty which is the decidedly less cool spelling)
and what it actually means (term of endearment for your "bro" or your necessarily hot/sexy girlfriend.)

you're welcome.