Friday, May 17, 2013


The scandals currently rocking our government create outrage in me.
Honestly, Bill Clinton is looking pretty good.  In fact, when I saw this image...

I laughed!

To say that this was not politically motivated -- seriously, how stupid do people think we are?  Or perhaps it isn't stupidity they count on but apathy.  We are so bombarded by information, work, responsibility, opportunity, and entertainment options!  It can be difficult to choose how to spend our time.

I know I struggle with this.  I am a volunteer at heart.  I love to be involved.  To influence, to plan, to help, to organize, to research even.  But all that needs to be balanced with my roll as wife, mother and employee.  Because all the other opportunities available to me are not viable without the other rolls having stability (or at least some semblance of stability).

Our government has made a wrong turn.  I am a small government person.  I think that we as humanity work far better when we are responsible for ourselves and when someone within our society is in need -- the community around them are the ones to come to their aid.  When we take the embarrassment of welfare and such handouts away, we create the opportunity for people to take advantage of the system because it no longer has any accountability to those offering the charity.  I truly believe that the welfare system has a huge role in damaging our culture and our country. 

Note, I am not saying that some kind of welfare system is not needed!  I'm not saying that we should shame people who are unable to work or have "good" reasons for needing help. I believe when we took that responsibility out of the church and the immediate community that individuals live in we created corruption. 

I hate the Nanny state we are creating and wish we could scratch the system that has been empowered and start over.  We could start by removing EVERY SINGLE SPECIAL ENTITLEMENT PROGRAM enjoyed by ANYONE in ANY position of Government.  All of Congress should be on the same health care as the average person.  There should be term limits and nobody should be allowed to make a career out of politics.  It should be a servants role not an elitists role!  I hate the elitism in our government!  they now only listen to people who have money or can further their own careers because we have allowed a system that fosters and I believe encourages that behavior.  We as a people don't hold our representatives accountable. 

How do we fix this?  I'm not even sure we can, but how do we sit back and let one of the greatest countries ever just slip further and further into a pit of selfishness and greed?  How do we not fight for what is right? 

Can't we please care!  Can we give up 1 TV show a week and spend that time being active in our community and being aware of what's going on around us?  Trying to do something to stop this slide?

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