Tuesday, December 6, 2011

I had to buy tape today for work

Whenever I look for tape products, the Tape Sketch from SNL comes to mind and it always made me sort of sad to think of someone being so foolish as to sell only scotch tape (or as they say in the UK ‘cello’ tape.)  so, I’m scrolling through 3 pages of tape options (thinking my life, really?!  This isn’t breakfast cereal we’re talking about!) and I come across this.

And I think to myself… what could this POSSIBLY do that would warrant spending over $500 on a tape dispenser!  A manual one at that.
Let’s look at the product description:
  • Sturdy yet portable dispenser produces sharp, accurate cuts from 4" to 42" in length
  • Easy-pull, snap-back handle and drop-in tape loading

I am going to need a bit more information…
So Amazon gives me a better description at least  (and a lower price):
United Facility Supply Manual Tape Dispenser For Gummed Tape w/48-oz Reservoir, Steel Blades, Black
An industrial-strength, portable dispenser that produces sharp accurate cuts ranging in length from 4" to 42". Made with stainless steel blades that will not rust or corrode. Features a large 48-oz. water bottle with a rubber valve to both reduce spillage and downtime. The easy-pull, snap back handle and drop-on tape loading is ideal for fast-paced working environments. Manually powered dispenser is designed specifically for reinforced and gum paper types. Global Product Type: Tape Dispensers-Manual; Tape Dispenser Type: Manual; For Tape Length: N/A; For Tape Width: 1 in to 3 in.
Obviously this is for packing and shipping in an industrial/volume manner.  I guess now we know part of the reason why all those companies charge such a high rate for shipping and handling! 

Sunday, November 6, 2011


Seriously, I think cereal is one of the greatest things God ever invented.  It is the perfect food.  Light enough for a bedtime snack and satisfying enough for breakfast.  You can eat it with or without milk.  There are so many varieties that it can actually shut your decision making process down in the entire aisle of choices.  I love them all. (OK, maybe not all.  The only chocolate I want in the morning is in my coffee or on a donut I will later regret; NOT on or in my cereal.)

Super Sugar Crisp, which is now called Super Golden Crisp... because you know that hides the fact that there are like 40 spoon fulls of sugar in it, is a longstanding fave.

Cheerios are a healthy standby, especially with a sliced banana.

I could, and have, eat cereal for dinner every night.  When it's my turn to cook and my husband isn't home or there are leftovers I can give to him alone, the kids and I pour some cereal.  I am most definitely passing on my Cerealaholicism to them.

At any given time I have 6-10 boxes of cereal on top of my refrigerator.  We have a terrible habit of leaving what might be enough for just one bowl in the bag, in the box, on top of the fridge.  When you can't remember when you purchased that box; it's time to toss it. 

We all love Wheatabix, which is one of the only cereals I can eat super soggy - because that's really the only option you have. 

If you're going for crunch and sturdiness in milk, I highly recommend Shredded Wheat in any variety although any of the Chex family do a great job of maintaining crunch while wet.

I just tried some Kashi Lean cluster something or other and it was good enough I broke my 1 bowl rule and had 2!  Hey, I had dinner like 6.5 hours ago.  I'm a little hungry.

Cereal is often a dessert and I really feel pretty good about it because of all those spray on vitamins.  What a great thing cereal is.

What's your favorite cereal!?

Saturday, October 29, 2011

What It Looks Like in Here

Living in my brain, I dare say, is not like living in your brain.  My brain is always up to something.  Often what it is up to has nothing to do with the task at hand, but some twisted way to make what is going on around me amusing - at least to me.

I run into problems when these... twists... break free of my mouth and are shared with those around me.

Occassionally, people laugh.  Often, I get "the stare" and then we move on.

There's nothing particularly witty about me.  Don't go thinking I'm some kind of comedic genius; because I'm not.  However, I personally find myself quite amusing and that's not just because I am addicted to laughing.

I have a picture of what it's like in my head.  I have found many of them over the years, some darker in color but no less appropriate. 

Want to see?

Oh, OK... Since you asked nicely.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Stuff You Should Do

Never be afraid to dart around in public humming the mission impossible theme song.