Tuesday, March 5, 2013


So, I met this great Christian counselor and he was amazing!  He talks about spiritual warfare and prayed with me.  I was very encouraged about my marriage from that first meeting.

But my health insurance sucks.  I seriously wonder what exactly I'm paying so much money for because with health insurance I can barely afford to go to the doctor with the deductible looming over my head!

I asked if the counselor would take less money per session and he doesn't do that.  I'm disappointed, but honestly, I totally understand!  He deserves to be paid his wage!

But now I'm feeling even more frustrated because I feel like I've been "teased" into having some hope and now that's been taken away.  Do I suck it up and pay $100 per session or look for someone else?

I feel rejected.
I don't like feeling rejected.

Then it pulls up all the feelings I have about marriage.
I do not want to be divorced but I want to be in a better relationship than I am.

I look at other people who have divorced and now have "good" second marriages and I think am I supposed to do that?  What about the idea I have that divorce is bad?  That I should work on my marriage.  OK, obviously I know I should work on my marriage and that I should avoid divorce, but at what point do I give up?


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