Friday, March 22, 2013

appliances and marriage

This is a two-fer.
I hit my home appliance topic (see here and here) and my living together topic.

By the way, I tried not rinsing and my dishwasher returned concrete food particles that glistened on my dishwasher.  I think there should be a caviat that your dishwasher needs to be purchased with the last decade for this to be true.  I don't just rinse, I clean my dishes and use the dishwasher as a sanitising process because I don't like having my hands in hot water (not to mention I don't like drying the now clean dishes).  My dishwasher is an original appliance that I think the Caroline Ingals used.  I've had to replace the basket where the silverware goes and I have to purchase special crystal powder to go in each cycle to keep the hard water from destroying the inside of the washer (which had a yucky film on it) and my dishes.  However, I'm the only one that remembers to use it so I'm always checking the dishwasher and often rewashing things.  Sheesh.  This all makes me sound like one of those cool wives/mom's I always admire who run this great household and everything is clean and dinner is on the table if not at the same time, on a nightly basis.  sigh... One day I might attain such a position in life.  But since I'm guessing that will require me putting cooking and cleaning much higher on my To Do list that is ever has been... I won't be holding my breath.

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