Wednesday, August 15, 2012

OMG Beyonce!

If cursing is offensive to you, I recommend you read the disclaimer at the end first.  Just for the record, it's not my cursing... it's on another blog I link to.  I'd hate for you to be offended.

My children are just unflappable!  I love that my loudness and fondness for making a spectacle of myself doesn't often bother them too much and that occassionally they even enjoy it!

Last week, I went shopping with my daughter for some things my daughter needed and we found ourselves at Ross.  We didn't find what we needed, but we did find THESE!!!

We rounded a corner and I saw them, standing on the shelf at eye level!  I exclaimed!
It's Beyonce!

I was completely entranced in my own little world of chickens and failed to notice that I started several people (causing one to jump) and created a small stir as people frantically looked around to see where Beyonce*was!  (I can only assume they were thinking of the singer).  

I ran up to her and pulled her off the shelf then hugged her for the preciousness she is.

Then I spotted a second chicken!

There are TWO!  I can have one too! 
(you will note that I spelled both two/too's correctly)

I debated the wisdom in spending $40 on metal chickens and tried to restrain myself by taking just one from the shelf.  I walked around blissfully happy for I've been looking for an apartment sized Beyonce for about a year.  

I made my way to the checkout and just as it was my turn, I pushed my daughter out of line to go get the other Beyonce QUICK!

I was next.  I told the young woman (oh man, did I just say that?) at the checkout that she needed to charge me for two of these as my daughter went back to get the other one.  

Checkout girl:  You really like chickens, eh?

Me:  Actually, I don't, but I love this one.  It's a long story, but a good one.  You need to go check it out on line.  (I then proceeded to tell her about The Bloggess and she was interested enough to take extra receipt paper from the till and write it down!  My chicken love must have been contagious!)

I cannot wait to give the other chicken away!  

The best part of this story is listening to my daughter tell it to others!  Thanks for being you Hannah and appreciating me!

Disclaimer:  I do not curse in this post (or really in this blog).  However, I am a fan of certain blogs and they do curse.  The nature of myself and the internet leads to many links and I would hate for you to not realize what you're getting yourself into.  Specifically here, The Bloggess curses a fair bit.  It's not the backbone of her humor (as some comedians use it) but it is liberally sprinkled throughout her site.  She is still hilarious and one of a few must read blogs on my list.  But I appreciate it isn't everyone's cup of tea.  

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