Friday, August 10, 2012

binder clips

There is a story behind why this is SO great to me!
The admin who had my position before I did was a hoarder.  She hoarded office supplies in a big way.  Our division went through a huge spring cleaning and we managed to divest ourselves of 40 filing cabinets!!  As we went through them, we kept finding stashes of office supplies; often locked.  There was a filing cabinet with one drawer full of pens -- all of them so old, they didn't work anymore and they had never been used!  They just dried out.

I think in all we found like 7 filing cabinets of office supplies.  The best one was a lateral file drawer FULL of  binder clips!  All the same size, most of them grouped and put into sandwich bags with 5 little boxes in each bag.  I stood there for minutes.  I took a picture (which I sadly cannot find because I would truly love to share this with you).  I just couldn't for the life of me imagine an instance when one would need to purchase so many binderclips!  What possible eventuality would one plan for to have so many hundreds of binder clips?  It's not like they are going to be useful in a Zombie Apocolopyse or something important like that!

A coworker, whom I shared this story, just sent me this and I so enjoyed looking through it.

I hope you do too!

The cleverness of humanity always delights me!

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