Friday, August 17, 2012

humor and weightloss

IM from today....

me:  I think my mantra this week should be NO COOKIES

K:  that's doable
K:  remember: attainable goals

me:  I'm not even hungry but those crack cookies are down there SINGING TO ME
me:  wooing me
me:  calling me
me:  they have to be one of the best cookies ever

K: My sis likes the deep fried cakes of EVIL

me:  that's what they are, deep fried cakes of EVIL

K:  think of the cookies as the EVIL brother to the donuts
K:  only baked

me:  I used to not ever have them (deep fried cakes of EVIL), then slowly started partaking them again

K:  not too big on the EVIL death cakes

me:  same with french fries
me:  though I find those easier to have just a few and stop

K:  and they are soooo tasty
K:  EVIL deep fried potato sticks

me:  I'd honestly rather have "sweet potato's" (quotes because they are really yams.  Yams = orange, sweet potato's = white, slightly yellow)

K:  silly



K:  are you working late tonight?

me:  what cookies?
me:  honest, I walked by and they JUMPED into my mouth
me:  chased me even
me:  Horror Movie Cookies

K:  you are a baaaad girl
K:  just remember, everyone usually dies in horror movies.

stupid deep fried EVIL's baked brother

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