Thursday, August 3, 2017

music hunts me

I don't really listen to music.  If I have a choice I prefer podcasts (which are my love see below for a list of my current faves) or some kind of teaching.  I love interviews about people I'm interested in.

So I have a different relationship with music than most people.
It kind of takes me over.  Not necessarily in a good way.

I watch the people around me listen to music while they work and I am completely incapable of such behavior.  If I'm listening to music, I'm listening to music.  It's hard for me to do other things at the same time.  Don't get me wrong.  I multitask.  I'm a girl and I have ADD... multitasking isnt really a choice for me.  Unless music is involved.  Then it's a one track mind.

Music sometimes hunts me.  It's like I'll hear a piece of a song and then that song is playing all the time and it won't leave me alone.  I know everyone gets a song stuck in their head, but it's so distracting for me.  It's like being interrupted by a child over and over while trying to do something.  It won't leave me a alone and I feel as though I have to exorcise the song from my mind.

And so I go back to not listening to music.  It's more peaceful in here without the soundtrack.

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