Monday, July 30, 2012

teaching history

Interesting article/show... especially love the idea of tossing out the books to teach history in a way that really draws the student in and helps them understand WHY IT MATTERS instead of memorizing a bunch of facts; which in my book isn't learning.

I feel strongly about my kids (and myself) learning not just the facts, but the reasons why those facts are important.  Honestly, I went to school in one of the  best districts in the state and remember so little of what was taught to me.  The things I really remember are those that the teacher helped me UNDERSTAND!  I still remember the short story The Bet and my teacher telling me "it wretches me" as she described the issues in the story and what they really meant.  This ability to read and understand is highly under-developed in our world today.  I sincerely doubt we can point to any one reason why, thought I'm sure the technological revolution has something to do with it.  The short attention spans and the idea that within a few clicks on a keyboard, I  can know anything.  (I admit, I'm guilty here.)  However, I had a mom who felt it was important I understand how to have a discussion, how to reason. I ran with it and turned into what I now realize was a really obnoxious teen.  I was so sure I was right about everything because I read and thought I understood.  Add that knowledge to being a teen who already thinks we are unstoppable and you can imagine how I behaved.  (I'll give you a hint, there were a number of lunch tables that served as my soap box).  Fun times!

Do you know how to reason?  To think an idea through and know if it is logical and sound?  If not, this is something you should seriously consider adding to your "to do" list.  

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