Saturday, July 21, 2012

stuff that should exist

I have been an admin for a long time.  Most of my adult life in fact.  I actually like doing this kind of work so I'm not complaining.  There are some things about this kind of work that can be frustrating.  There aren't any jobs without this I know.  One of the things that can cause difficulties is keeping my boss on schedule.  

Many years ago, at the cusp of the electronic revolution -- we're talking when alpha-numeric pagers were the thing to have; I came up with what I thought then, and still think today would have a really great market.

I introduce to you...
The Executive Pager/Cattle Prod

The idea is that only the admin has the code to make the cattle prod part work. You put the code in and zap!!  Time to go to that next meeting boss man!

I'm working on specs now.  I'm pretty sure I could write an app for this and secretly load it on smart phones. :)

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