Friday, October 4, 2013

meet the puppies

This is Molly.

Molly is a DIVA and totally in charge.  She is also a cuddler and really (really really) insists on being with you, on you (preferably on your neck) or next to you.  But on you is best.
When she chases her brother around she goes for blood, tail, and, ahem, the nether regions.  Max has learned to run fast, but I worry a little about him sometimes.
Though I'll be stoned for saying I like one dog over the other, Molly is my favorite
(though I still prefer my cats).
So far Molly has been named: 
Precious Leia
Madam (something or other from The Wombles)
and now Molly.
This is Max.
Max is Molly's brother.
He is much calmer in general.  Wants to be a part of things but when it's time to sleep, he goes down by your feet to actually rest where Molly insists on staying on your neck, possibly inhibiting your ability to breath.  Max can roll over, but not yet on cue.  We're working on it.  Max will not go potty outside.  This is the dog that comes back in the house so he can use the pee pads.  (sarcastic smile)
Max's names so far have been:
Orinoco (another Wombles reference)
and now Max.
Max also has the strangest fur I have ever seen.
Not that you can entirely tell from this photo, but he kind of looks like he's wearing a tutu and has a Flock of Seagulls kind of forward swoosh thing doing on in the front, except Max doesn't get up in the morning and use 2 cans of hairspray to get his hair to become an immovable slide upon which other creatures could play on.
I sincerely doubt my ability to keep these dogs on a daily basis.  Usually around the time I'm trying to sleep and the other people in the house refuse to walk the dogs (that would be early morning when I've convinced myself the next 15 minutes of rest will make me feel more refreshed than the previous 6 hours I just spent sleeping.  Don't argue with me, I know how important those 15 minutes are.)  I cannot seem to convince anybody in the house that dogs need to walk (and pee) the moment they wake up -- just like humans!
There is a good chance on any given day that these puppies will need a new home.  Any takers?  They have all their shots but are only puppy pad trained (not fully housebroken).     No?  I didn't think so.  I guess I need to keep training them. :)
Have I told you how much I love my cats? =^.^=  

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