Wednesday, April 23, 2014


I love sugar.

Seriously.  I tried to give up most sugary treats for Lent this year and I did OK, but man it was hard.

I slipped a few days before Lent was over.  Partially because one of the Catholics in the office told me Lend ended on Thursday and not being Catholic I was more than willing to believe her.  (It may have had something to do with the Oreo birthday cake she was offering me... it's a little fuzzy.)

So Easter Sunday... I binged on Mega Stuff Oreo's.  (for those of you who love Oreo's like I do, believe it or not, it's too much 'stuff.'  I prefer Double Stuff.)  I allowed myself to eat what I wanted for a few days and the bad news is... my health immediately took a nose dive!  I simply cannot allow large quantities of sugar into my body.  C A N N O T !

Before Lent, my vision was getting blurry and I had a hard time focusing.  Guess what was great while eschewing sugar for 40 days?  Yep, eye sight was doing fine.  Day 3 of sugar being in my daily diet and everything is fuzzy again.  

Ultimately this is good news because it gives me motivation to eat better.  

So today, I will go back to my Lenten ways.  I have decided to allow myself 1 treat per week if really necessary.  I will opt for fruit as much as possible.  (you know, when you don't eat a lot of sugar crap fruit is pretty wonderful).

I don't want to end up really sick.
I want to be healthy and live a life that is full... not condemned to illness and sitting on my sofa watching tv (though a little binge tv is good for the soul! ;) )

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